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PreAxia offers all the advantages of health spending accounts, a fully automated and paperless management system, less work and financial savings, faster claim submissions, processing and reimbursements.

HSAs are a great solution for companies of all sizes from proprietorship to large corporations.

Across Canada, companies are making the switch to a health spending account to deliver more cost-effective and flexible health benefits at a price they can afford.

Take control of your benefits plan and goodbye to rising premiums.

Let PreAxia administer your health spending account and start saving today!


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A Health Spending Account (HSA) is a uniquely designed bank account designed exclusively to cover healthcare‐related costs.

An employer deposits funds into the account for each eligible employee. The employer has the power to choose the amount they wish to spend each year and can adjust the amount based on their unique financial situation.

The funds are held in the name of the employee and are reimbursed to the account holder for eligible medical expenses. The funds can be saved year over year to fund major healthcare expenses.

Eligible expenses include items performed by, prescribed by, or dispensed by a licensed medical practitioner!

They are the fastest growing health benefit solution for small to medium sized companies!



  • I love my PreAxia HSA.

    It was easy to set up. Claims are easy to submit on my own time and from my computer. And I get reimbursed for medical expenses in days directly to my bank account. It couldn’t be simpler! My HSA reimburses me for all medical expenses I require plus many that may become more important to me in the future.

    Using pre-tax dollars to pay my medical expenses is the way to go.

    As a business owner, having a Health Spending Account for myself saves me money!

    M. Rothwell

  • My PreAxia HSA works similar to my online bank account. It is simple, easy and fast.

    Money is set aside for me to use for my health-care needs as well as those of my dependents. I am not taxed on this income which is a great benefit. My account balance is displayed. I submit medical expenses that are reimbursed from my account. I have a complete claims history and online support. Inquiries are responded to by the next day.

    My out-of-pocket, after-tax expenses are paid with pre-tax money!

    Olukunle Ajani

  • PreAxia HSAs allow me to reduce the taxable income for my business (which reduces the amount in taxes that I have to pay) by setting up an account to reimburse for paid medical expenses such as prescriptions, dental services, glasses and much more. PreAxia’s online system allows me to handle everything on my computer from making contributions and managing my account to submitting claims for reimbursement which appear in my bank account within days. The savings from paying medical expenses using pre-tax income combined with advantages of PreAxia technology to manage my account is a great combination!

    It is a simple, comprehensive and complete solution that meets my needs.

    Don McGregor
    British Columbia

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