Health Spending Accounts 2.0 Now Available

Health Spending Accounts 2.0 Now Available

CALGARY, July 3, 2017 – PreAxia Health Care Payment Systems Inc. introduces its new Health Spending Account (HSA) platform for businesses of all sizes.

It should come as no surprise that Health Spending Accounts are growing in popularity.  They help pay for individual health care expenditures which are a growing concern for businesses and their employees.  Businesses of all sizes save money while providing employee and owner health care benefits.

In 2011, PreAxia introduced the first paperless Health Spending Account using Internet technology.  Allowing businesses to establish HSA accounts on their own, to submit claims and receive payment using existing Internet and banking technology was a breakthrough at the time.  Today, the company’s updated platform provides more HSA choices plus support for today’s mobile devices, tablets and browser technology.  Unchanged is the paperless platform that simplifies administration and reduces costs.

Small businesses unable to justify health insurance can financially benefit from establishing a Health Spending Account.  Larger businesses that currently offer health benefits find that a Health Spending Account helps to control escalating expenditures without compromising on coverage.

PreAxia’s paperless platform has been simplified.  Employers and employees appreciate electronic submission of claims, quick payment of claims through electronic means, and the elimination of paper record keeping.   The new platform reduces the amount of information required of employers and employees in the administration and utilization of their HSA.

PreAxia’s HSA Education Centre has been enhanced to make it easier for businesses and individuals to learn about the benefits of Health Spending Accounts.  Access to the HSA Education Centre is available at

About PreAxia

PreAxia Health Care Payment Systems Inc. ( administers Health Spending Accounts for businesses and their employees through its automated & paperless HSA Management Solution.  The company is currently quoted on the over the counter bulletin board (OTC/BB) under the symbol “PAXH”.


Media Contact:  Perry Shoom, Vice President of Marketing, PreAxia Health Care Payment Systems Inc.  (416) 721-8247